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28 unique coffee blends

Meet your full range of coffee sizes. The 28 Vertuo coffees come in five cup sizes to match your coffee preference at any time of the day.

Choose from the wide range of blends, each with its own intensity and aroma. From short Espresso, Double Espresso, smooth Gran Lungo, an indulgent Mug, to a larger cup of Alto, you will want to try them all!

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The Vertuo extraction process naturally extracts a silky and indulgent crema. This protects the fresh aromas of the coffee, revealing them just for you.

You will find that each Vertuo capsule has a character of its own. Discover the smooth taste, full body and rich crema of each blend. Which one will you pick?

Find out more about Vertuo coffee

Upgrade your Long white with a Reverso coffee. What is a Reverso?

Pouring the milk first and extracting coffee on top allows you to take full advantage of the Vertuo system, inviting you to enjoy an indulgent result.

What makes a Reverso unique? Because the coffee is extracted over the milk, the crema forms whilst taking on a ‘milky’ taste. Then, stirring integrates the crema further, delivering a smooth and velvety beverage without requiring a large amount of milk.

Create your favorite coffee with Vertuo, through the combination of the unique rotational extraction technology “Centrifusion™” and the full range of coffees in five different cup sizes. Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee, topped with a silky and generous crema, with just one touch.

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What goes into an extraordinary cup of coffee ? An intelligent process that adjusts to each capsule, whatever your coffee style.

The light on the Vertuo machine tells you that the capsule has been automatically recognised and the extraction parameters will be adjusted accordingly. The extraction process has started to craft your cup of coffee.

What is the most difficult part? Making it that simple. Experience one touch technology.

intelligent extraction system


Here is the secret: Vertuo is an intelligent system that individually reads each coffee capsule. This means that every coffee is extracted perfectly as intended, delivering the ideal in-cup result. The unique barcode on each capsule contains bespoke extraction parameters, that regulate the flow and volume of water, as well as temperature, infusion time and even the speed of capsule rotation.

Centrifusion™ the intelligent rotational extraction system provides an extremely high level of precision as the machine recognizes, through barcode technology, each expertly designed Nespresso coffee and adjusts the extraction parameters to brew each blend in the most optimal way.

Centrifusion™ is a word combining centrifugal and infusion, indicating that as the Vertuo capsule spins, water is injected into the capsule and is infused with the ground coffee inside. You can precisely brew your favorite coffee style. Easily. Every time.

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