Pair every unique moment with a cup of coffee from Vertuo. Proving one machine can make exceptional short and long cups.


Choose from 30 coffee varieties, each with its own intensity and aroma. From a short Espresso, a double Espresso, a smooth Gran Lungo, an indulgent mug of coffee, to Carafe, you will want to try them all!


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The Vertuo extraction process naturally extracts a silky and indulgent crema which protects the fresh aromas of the coffee.


You will find that each Vertuo capsule has a character of its own. Discover the smooth taste, full body and rich crema of each blend. Which one will you pick?


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Pouring the milk first and extracting coffee on top allows you to take full advantage of the Vertuo system, inviting you to enjoy an indulgent result.




Vertuo Next elevates the Nespresso coffee experience with a new brewing system thanks to Centrifusion technology. This technology reads the barcode integrated in each capsule to extract the hidden treasures of each coffee.

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What goes into an extraordinary cup of coffee? An intelligent process that adjusts to each capsule.


The light on the Vertuo machine tells you that the capsule has been automatically recognised and the extraction parameters will be adjusted accordingly. Once pressed, the extraction process has started to craft your cup of coffee.


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The unique barcode on each capsule contains bespoke extraction parameters, that regulate the flow and volume of water, as well as temperature, infusion time and even the speed of capsule rotation. You can precisely brew your favourite coffee style. Easily. Every time.


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  • The Vertuo range is coffee redefined, with innovative brewing technology and unique design for the ultimate coffee experience. Offering freshly brewed coffee with crema, the Vertuo machine range makes five cup sizes at the touch of a button: Espresso (40ml), Double Espresso (80ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Mug (230ml) and Carafe (535ml). To achieve this range of coffees with just one machine, Vertuo uses five different capsule sizes: a small capsule for Espresso, medium for Double Espresso, and large for Gran Lungo, Mug, and Carafe. Pair a Vertuo machine with the Aeroccino 3 milk frother and enjoy a wide range of milk-based recipes like a macchiato, cappuccino or Latte for long cup recipes. Discover the Vertuo coffee range here. You can make any of your favourite coffees with Vertuo - from a short Espresso, intense Double Espresso, a smooth Gran Lungo, an indulgent Mug or a shared Carafe Pour Over Style, topped with smooth and generous crema. Behind the scenes, the technology uses gentle Centrifusion™ extraction, recognising each capsule and adapting the parameters accordingly to create your perfect coffee style.

  • You can precisely prepare your small or large coffee with generous and silky crema, as each Vertuo machine uses barcode recognition and a brewing extraction system to create your coffee experience. The unique barcode on each capsule adjusts the flow and volume of water, temperature, infusion time and capsule rotation to make the best part of your coffee experience - your perfect coffee, every time.

  • All Nespresso capsules are made from aluminium and can be recycled. Bring your used capsules to one of our collection points or drop them off at your nearest Nespresso Boutique or Booth. By adding capsule recycling to your coffee ritual, your coffee won't only taste good, it will feel good too. Find out more about our recycling program.

  • The amount of caffeine is different for each coffee and depends on two factors: the proportion of Robusta in the blend (Robusta contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica), and the quantity of ground coffee used to prepare the cup. For Vertuo, caffeine per cup ranges from 70 to 150 mg for Espresso and Gran Lungo sizes, and from 170 to 200 mg per cup for the Mug & Carafe coffee sizes.

  • When it comes to crafting our blends, the process is unique. This includes a rigorous bean selection, expert blending, roasting and grinding for an optimal interaction with the specific brewing parameters of the Vertuo machine. With more than 30 blends and 5 extraction sizes available, we are confident you will be able to find a Vertuo coffee to suit your perfect coffee moment.

  • Vertuo uses each capsule’s barcode to work out what temperature, quantity of water and number of revolutions are required to make the perfect cup of coffee. The innovative Centrifusion™ Technology allows the aromas to be gently extracted, taking flavour to a whole new level.

    1. Reading
    Simply press start, and the capsule begins to spin. The machine reads each capsule's unique identification barcode and adjusts the extraction settings accordingly.

    2. Pre-wetting
    Rotation pauses for the precisely calculated quantity of water to be added to the capsule, before the infusion process begins. This helps dissolve the different elements of the coffee – including the most precious. After all, that's what it's all about.

    3. Extracting
    Now, the process really revs up: the coffee is gently extracted at up to 4'000 revolutions per minute, allowing brand-new aromas to unfold.

    4. Drying
    The rapid rotation also removes the last few drops of water from the capsule. So, it’s completely dry when it makes its way to the used capsule compartment.

  • 1. Infinite Variety
    The largest selection of coffee styles and tastes. The variety of the Vertuo range is the epitome of quality. Whether it's the roasted notes of a double espresso, the lightness of a filter coffee or the blend of coffee and milk – with more than 30 varieties and styles of coffee, there's no shortage of choice.

    2. Maximum Choice
    Anything is possible, from espresso to a 535 ml Carafe. Vertuo produces coffee in five different sizes. A world of flavour awaits in just one capsule.

    3. Simply Smart
    4000 rotations per minute at the touch of a button. Revolutionary technology: Vertuo uses each capsule’s barcode to work out what temperature, quantity of water and number of revolutions are required to extract the perfect cup of coffee. Every day brings new possibilities.

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