Il Caffe

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Why we love it: Il Caffè takes you right to the heart of the classic Italian coffee experience. We land that punchy combination of smooth, velvety taste and roasty, cereal aromas by blending Vietnamese and Indonesian Washed Robustas with a little Colombian Arabica.

Cup Size
Cup Size
Espresso (40 ml)
Double espresso (80 ml)
Gran lungo (150 ml)
Mug (230 ml)
Carafe (535 ml)
Milk recipe
Frozen recipe
Aromatic Notes
Aromatic Profile
It begins with two bold and smooth Washed Robustas from Vietnam and Indonesia. We blend in a touch of Washed Colombian Arabica to bring that hint of acidity and round out the blend. These coffee beans in Il Caffè come together to hit the note that will remind you of your classic Italian coffee.
We split roast the coffees to give the Robustas a darker roast. A lighter but slightly longer roast of the Colombian Arabica beans keeps the acidity intact and develops a hint of a nutty note.
Aromatic Profile
One sip of Il Caffè offers your palate the complete Italian coffee experience. It’s an intense coffee, beautifully complex in its roasted and cereal notes, and with a smooth and velvety texture. Hints of woody and cocoa aromas add to this classic coffee’s rich character. Its lingering aftertaste makes this a coffee to remember.

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