Freddo Delicato

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Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

Enjoy the exhilarating bright fruit notes of Barista Creations Fredo Delicato. Kenyan Arabica brings those juicy fruit flavours that make this a cool, refreshing blend for any season when you pour it over ice. It’s lightly roasted and ground specifically to deliver those delicate aromatic notes to your palate. Best served as: 1 coffee capsule (40 ml) over a handful of ice cubes (90 gr). To extend the treat, top it up with cold water or cold milk (90ml).
Cup Size
Ristretto (25 ml)
Espresso (40 ml)
Lungo (110 ml)
Milk recipe
Aromatic Notes
Aromatic Profile
Sweet & Fruity
Kenya – Indonesia – Other
We roast Barista Creations Freddo Delicato in two splits. It’s medium-light roasting to bring out the juicy acidity of this mild blend. The first split’s a little shorter, and that heightens those bright citrus notes.
Aromatic Profile
Fruity and sweet coffee that bursts with thirst-quenching fruity notes and soothes with its light, refreshing and rounded character.

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