Exotic Liminha Over Ice

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Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

Why we love it: Mix it up this summer with Barista Creations Exotic Liminha Over Ice. In this coffee made for ice, a beautiful balance of tangy lime and refreshing mint flavours bring a twist to the light fruity and cereal notes of the African Arabicas in this blend. Bright and breezy, this signature of summer refreshment transports you to the tropics. Best served as: 1 coffee capsule (80 ml) over a cup full of ice cubes (180 g). To extend the treat, top it up with cold water (180 ml).

Cup Size
Espresso (40 ml)
Double espresso (80 ml)
Gran lungo (150 ml)
Mug (230 ml)
Carafe (535 ml)
Milk recipe
Frozen recipe
Aromatic Notes
Aromatic Profile
Light & Lemony
We roast this coffee in two splits. The first split’s light and short to enhance the floral notes typical of Ethiopian Arabica. The second split is a medium roast to bring balance and roundness to the cup. When then grind the coffees specifically to ensure it delivers delicate, light notes dancing on your palate when you serve it over ice.
Aromatic Profile
Very refreshing coffee with mint and citrusy lime notes that linger in the aftertaste, low acidity and light body.

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