CitiZ Magic Blue

CitiZ Magic Blue
LIMITED EDITION+7 Free sleeves
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You’ll find the Citiz easy to use, with only two simple and programmable buttons for Espresso and Lungo coffee preparations. And it has a folding tray if you want to make taller cups. With 19-bars on its performance pump, the flavours and aromas of each coffee capsule are always fully extracted. Without leaving Nespresso’s signature crema behind. It will simply switch the machine off for you while you go about your day. The Citiz programmable coffee machine really embodies the Nespresso experience by offering you both style and substance. Inside and out.
A Unique moment of shared indulgence

When Nespresso meets Pierre Hermé, a story of passion and taste begins. Combining exceptional patisserie know-how and the art of elevating coffee, to create a collection that celebrates the delightful festive season.

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